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This guy has a lot of courage and knows how to take the bull by the horns and solve a serious problem.    His executing drug dealers is a real gutsy and positive solution to the problem of corruption that drug dealers create in a society.    The plague of drug abuse is a serious problem in society.   

Over the course of my life I have had two incidents where I was almost killed by someone all crazed on an addiction to narcotics and would have killed me to get money for their habit.   Back in the late 1980's I was physically attacked and beaten on for drug money and physically injured.    Again a few years ago someone held me up at gun point for money, I turned around an ran yet could have been shot in the back and killed.
I have also seen the plague of corruption in society caused by people addicted to narcotics that I have seen around my life over the years.   Other people suffer as a result of their choices in life as a result of their mindless crazed obsession of getting money anyhow to support their habit.

This is a serious problem in society that helps corruption and crime flourish and causes too many victims.   
Thumbs up to the leader of the Philippines for trying something bold and effective.
The only problem I see with his course of action is the possibility of someone getting set up to be caught with drugs when they are innocent.   Yet to successfully carry out this type of frame up the system would need to be corrupt from top to bottom.
I voted for all Democrats this past election believing they deserved my drop in the bucket for doing what I believe was a good job over the past 8 years.   

I heard on a business report this week that we have seen 74 consecutive months of employment growth and unemployment is down to 4.6%.    The stock market is recently reaching new record high levels.   When I stop at a gas station to fuel up I see prices at 2.25 per gallon compared to 4.15 per gallon back around 2008.

Unfortunately the Democrats lost a lot of representation in government this last election and this bothers me since this sends a message that people did not like their way of handling things over the past 8 years.  The  Democrats in my opinion most often support demand side economic policies as opposed to supply side economic policies that Republicans most often support. Hillary Clinton did warn about returning to the failed policies of Republican majority rule by favoring their policies.   Is Trump's message of making America great again the same as Herbert Hoover's slogan of "Better Days are Just Around the Corner"?   Considering a lot of his ideas we just might wind up going down that same road of the 1930's.

I do not like a lot of ideas that Donald Trump spoke about during his presidential campaign rallies.   I personally heard him say there would be a 35% tariff on imports from China at one of his speeches I saw on television.   That translates into a 35% excise tax on consumers buying anything from China.    Most retail consumer goods in stores today are made in China with no other option of the same product being made in the U.S.A.   A 35% tariff will surely cause economic contraction and inflation.

The Republicans will dismantle the Affordable Health Care plan that I believe was a successful idea that has contributed to the economic recovery of the past eight years.   Dismantling this will be a problem for many people and the Republican ideas of letting the free market take care of itself without any regulations will probably lead to prescription drug prices going up tremendously and causing health care premiums to skyrocket.    Hillary made a campaign promise to regulate and restrict prescription drug prices, an excellent idea.  I do not believe Republicans will create a more affordable health care plan.   They tried a decade ago with their ideas and theories, we wound up with insurance premiums rising beyond  a lot of peoples ability to afford good health care insurance policies.

Trump's idea of building a wall is ridiculous, and will not keep illegals out.    Although I strongly disagreed with Hillary's idea here since I am totally in favor of stopping all immigration into the USA from any country due to the accelerated pace of world population growth that I believe will cause serious problems for the world in the future.  Protecting ourselves now is the best and only option.   We have zero population growth from the sacrifices that civilians of this country have made to benefit their children's future yet immigration continues to make this country's population swell out of control and into the boundaries of unsustainable growth.
All problems of shortages of resources, global warming, and ecological deterioration are directly related to exponential population growth world wide that is approaching unsustainable levels.     Trump,s idea about immigration is better than what the Democrats support, yet if I am only willing to support someone that is 100% in favor of my ideas there would never be anyone to vote for.  

So Democrats lost big time this past election and did not deserve this for doing a good job.    We will see what happens over the next 4 years.   I have a really bad feeling about the ideas the Republicans have in mind.    I could be wrong and mistaken, maybe four years from now things will get better for me and/or the country as a result of their ideas and policies taken into action.   If so I will admit a mistake and even would vote for Trump if he runs for a second term of office.    I must admit though I am very skeptical about their ideas and as the slogan goes "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is too good to be true".  
Waterfall Painting 2016
This digital image painting was created with Art Rage 4.5.1.    Custom designed frame added with U-Lead Photo Impact (older version).
I have noticed among young people the popularity of an expression using the word holy to accompany a form of waste excreted from the bowels.

From my recollection of the past the word holy supported many other words, especially in the 1960’s/1970’s TV series Batman.    Batman’s partner Robin frequently used the word holy to accompany many other words, yet no profanity.

If you find the expression “Holy Shit” annoying in its’ current day popular use, try responding with one of the following statements:

“When Moses descended from Mount Sinai he held two tablets with the ten commandments, not a roll of toilet paper.”


“When Moses appeared at the palace of the Pharaoh he said “Let My People Go”, he did not say “Let My Feces Go”.
   This opinion may be obsolete in terms of operating systems since I have fallen behind the times of the latest and greatest.
I have within the last couple of months had the experience of working with Windows 7 after 11 years of using Windows XP, with both operating systems the professional versions.
I find Windows 7 to have some annoying features after working for many years with XP and getting into habits with that operating system.     For some reason in Windows 7 there is this tendency when several windows are open navigating through files for any window close to the top of the screen to be drawn like a magnet to full screen view.    This becomes annoying  and obstructive when attempting to navigate between two or more windows simultaneously.    Seems Windows XP provided better control with this problem.

   I also dislike in Windows 7 the disappearance of the move option that always appeared in the left panel of Windows XP Explorer.    With Windows 7 it appears the only way to move files is through the mouse option of dragging and dropping a file.     This creates the potential of higher probability of misplacing a file since you might accidentally drop a file into another folder using the mouse or other pointing device.     I believe there was better control with the file browser navigation option, a second option in Windows XP to avoid having to use drag and drop.    

   Another problem with elimination of the move file and folder feature of the left panel in Windows XP is using the simple file sharing between two computers in Windows 7.    You cannot move files and folders between two computers anymore with Windows 7, you can only drag and drop to move a file into a network location and then copy it to another computer.    It stays in the file sharing location for transfer and then you need to delete the file or folder to remove it from this location or move it back to some personal folder location where you will now have redundancy of two files created.    This is extremely annoying and/or one additional step to the recycle bin or moving through drag and drop out of network file sharing.    This is something that Windows XP had the ability to avoid by having the feature of moving files and folders through network sharing flawlessly.     

   If you are attempting to create a back up to an external hardware location you cannot move files and folders, the only option is copying.     This creates an extra step if you want to permanently remove a file or folder from one location and transfer to somewhere else externally.      You have to send the duplicate file to the recycle bin through deleting, and again another step of removing from the recycle bin.    A further problem with having to copy a file to an external location is that you also loose information about the historical creation date of that file which ideally should remain accessible through moving files.    The only way to preserve such information is to manually write notes inside that file through the properties right mouse click option where you can add text.    I consider this to be a  security flaw since you loose the time stamp that used to be un-removable in the  properties information panel view option.    I also find this option to be a problem for iterative saving of files as I often use while working on graphic arts files through stages of development and  trying to figure out which file was created first especially in unexpected crashes of the graphic arts software I might be using at a specific time.    With regards to this problem Windows XP was much better with these features available.
   Although Windows 7 does run faster than XP I believe there is better control of your computer with XP.    Windows XP was one of the last operating systems you could buy installation discs for and run a computer without an internet connection.     Not everyone wants to use every computer they have on the internet.     The traditional use of a computer was offline with discs and later with progress the ability to use plug-in devices without any internet connection.    Computers were traditionally used to run application software for amusement, development, or productivity purposes.    They seem to be taking away your ability to control your own computer and become vulnerable to any of the security risks of running a computer that is connected to the internet.    I prefer to pick and choose a computer to run on the internet and others for security and privacy that have the ability to run offline without any internet connection.     I believe Windows made a bad change decision requiring users of their operating systems to be dependent upon internet connections to use their computer with a Windows operating system.      Their are many circumstances where an internet connection is not a necessary reason for using a computer and only creates a potential hazard and security risk, something you at least had the option of choosing with Windows XP.

  Comparing Media Player on Windows XP to Windows 7 I believe XP worked less chaotic as a data base for playing music and provided much better control.    I have many CDs, records, and tapes  converted to mp3's that were a lot better organized and controlled in Windows Media Player the XP version.    With Windows 7 any time I add a folder of a compilation CD or cassette tape/LP with various artists instead of all songs by one recording artist to Media Player I get two copies in the Media Player library.   This is a very annoying problem that did not occur in the XP version.    I've tried removing the duplicate copies of the file that appear in the media library yet once you restart Media Player the duplicates are back again.     Windows XP Media Player worked flawlessly as a data base library for music folders and files.    Has Microsoft ever heard of the expression " If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It"?

   There is one feature I do like about Windows 7 that was unavailable in XP.    The ability to shrink a hard drive and create additional partitions.     With XP you had to buy third party software that did not always create expected results, especially with compatibility issues of software designed for earlier Windows operating systems.      The only option you had with XP was to erase and reformat a disc to create partitions.   All your partitioning plans had to be taken into consideration before you started using a hard drive to efficiently use the entire disc,  with time situations always changed for needs.   Since many computers came with XP preinstalled you could not change the size of the hard drive that ran the operating system using Windows XP, instead you had to use a third party software program that did not always produce intended results successfully.

   With the exception of the ability to shrink a partition and the fact that Windows 7 does most operations and procedures faster than XP I believe the older Windows XP was the best operating system that Microsoft had to offer for my personal objectives of using a computer.    So far as the speed and running faster issue is concerned I am willing to have an operating system that is slower for the advantage of features that are no longer available in Windows 7.   In some situations patience is a virtue, especially when the issue of better control is the trade off.    

   Is it true what I have heard on radio talk shows about computers that Windows 7 will shut down on you sometime in the future if you do not go online to update the operating system?    If this is true, again, loss of control compared to Windows XP.


Stephen Lo Piano
United States
To anyone taking the time to view or buying any prints I have available here for sale "Thank you for any of your time and consideration, it is most appreciated".

You can visit a web site I designed specifically focused on displaying my artwork, stuff you see here and more.


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